The Ultimate Productivity Hack For Your Team

A height-adjustable desk has become a must-have tool in the modern workplace.


Not only is it ergonomically beneficial for your team, but it can also help to increase their productivity.

By allowing your employees to customize their working positions, a height-adjustable desk can encourage them to stay alert and comfortable, making them more productive.

In this blog post we’ll discuss:

  1. The benefits of height-adjustable desks
  2. How to choose the right height-adjustable desk for your team
  3. How to use a height-adjustable desk to their full advantage


The benefits of height-adjustable desks

A height adjustable desk, otherwise known as a standing desk or sit-stand desk, provides the opportunity to shift between a seated and standing position during work. This provides numerous benefits, most importantly an increase in productivity in the workplace.

A study of 140 people who made the switch from a static to a standing desk found that 52% reported increased productivity and 43% saw an overall performance improvement. This is because sitting for extended periods of time can cause fatigue and discomfort, reducing one’s ability to focus and produce desired results.

By providing the opportunity to switch between sitting and standing, employers can ensure their employees remain focused, engaged and comfortable throughout their day. Not only can this lead to improved productivity, but also to improved health.

For example, as little as 2 hours of standing can decrease the adverse effects of extended sitting such as weight gain. Moreover, the body will receive physical activity which will help stabilise glucose levels, whilst the improved blood flow helps with other factors such as lower blood pressure and decreased risk of back pain.

According to the Mayo Clinic, people who used standing desks had an 80% lower risk of back pain when compared to those who did not use them, with significantly higher scores in physical fitness and flexibility tests, as well as better blood sugar and lower blood pressure levels.

Overall, a height-adjustable desk can be an excellent investment for any workplace. Not only does it promote better health and well-being, but it can also lead to improved productivity.


How A Height Adjustable Desk Can Be A Great Productivity Hack For Your Team

As a supervisor or director, you constantly seek methods for enhancing efficiency in the workplace.

Investing in adjustable desks for your crew is a simple yet powerful means to do so.

By providing standing desks to your employees, you urge them to keep active during the day and have regular breaks from being seated.

This can minimize the health hazards of long-term sitting and consequently lessen sick days, thereby increasing productivity and overall well-being.

When they are allowed to alternate between sitting and standing when they deem it convenient, they can maintain more attention and higher energy levels all through the day.

In addition, they can adjust their desks to suit their personal requirements, thus promoting improved comfort and limited distractions.


How to choose the right height-adjustable desk for your team

Choosing the perfect height adjustable desk for your office is critical for achieving increased productivity. When making a decision, consider the needs of your team and the available space. A well-thought-out desk will assist your employees to work smarter and faster. Here are a few of the best standing desks that can help productivity in the workplace:

Lana Smart Electric Height Adjustable Desk: This glass top desk offers amazing smart features and adjustable height, as well as a wireless charger, USB charging point, and built-in Bluetooth speakers. It is easy to adjust the height from 74cm to 120cm by using the touch-sensitive pad. Moreover, with 4 memory settings, this desk can be used as a hot desk for employees to store their preferred height.

Koble Nova Standing Desk Converter: This desk converter converts your existing desk into a standing desk without breaking the bank. It features a large and roomy work area and can accommodate 2 displays, and it can be adjusted in height from 12cm to 50cm. Nova is available in both black and white matte finishes making it perfect for any home office aesthetic.

Koble Ola Smart Height Adjustable Desk: This stylish and modern desk has a maple effect desktop and white frame finish, adjustable in height from 75cm to 125cm. It has 4 memory settings and an anti-collision feature to prevent any costly damages. Additionally, with an integrated USB and USB-C port, your smart gadgets can stay charged throughout your workday. Furthermore, Ola’s large storage drawers provide ample space for small laptops, iPads, and important documents.



How to use height-adjustable desks to their full advantage

Investing in an adjustable desk is an effective way to boost the efficiency of your team. Here are a few tips for taking full advantage of its features:

  1. Strategically adjust the height of the desk for various tasks: Use a higher setting for active work like brainstorming, and a lower setting for sitting-intensive tasks. Check this guide to ensure your posture and desk height are correct.
  2. Take regular breaks: Avoid burnout and stay energized by scheduling breaks throughout the day.
  3. Personalize your workspace: Set up the desk to match your needs – adding a monitor arm, an ergonomic chair, and finding suitable lighting can help maximize productivity.
  4. Involve the whole team: If the team has access to adjustable desks, make sure they are familiar with the benefits and promote their use. This can foster an environment of increased productivity.



Height adjustable desks are a worthy expenditure for any office hoping to enhance their personnel’s effectiveness, physical and mental health. With a few key strategies, you and your team can maximize the potential of your standing desks and reap the rewards of improved productivity.


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