Is Smart Furniture Worth It?

From smart desks to smart beds to smart desks, smart furniture is becoming increasingly popular as more people upgrade their homes for the future. Of course, replacing and upgrading your furniture will always come with a cost, and if you’re new to the world of smart furniture, it’s natural to wonder whether it’s worth it – but there are so many benefits to smart products, you can be sure they’ll transform your home and your everyday routine. Read on to find out how.

Upgrade To A Smart Bed To Transform Your Bedtime Routine

Koble smart bed

If you’re considering investing in a smart bed, it’s understandable that you’d wonder whether it would be as comfortable as a traditional bed, and whether any smart features would stick out like a sore thumb, spoiling the aesthetic of your bedroom. But there’s no need to worry about these with a Koble smart bed.

Our collection includes some beautiful beds, such as the Freya Smart Velvet Ottoman Storage Bed, which has a stylish plush grey velvet headboard with a retro feel. It features USB ports and wireless charging technology in the side rails, as well as built-in Bluetooth speakers and a subwoofer in the headboard. Designed to be used with Qi-compatible smartphones, this means you can wake up with the radio, listen to a relaxing playlist as you unwind, or enjoy a chapter of your audiobook before bed.

Investing in a multipurpose smart bed can have many benefits, including removing the need for trailing wires while you charge your devices, freeing up space in your bedroom and reducing clutter, making the environment feel more relaxing as a result.

What’s more, upholstered headboards are incredibly easy to clean, requiring just a quick vacuum and fabric spray to keep it in good condition. Our stylish upholstered smart beds also look wonderfully luxurious, and feel oh so cosy when you’re relaxing in bed after a long day.

Make your smart bed beautifully comfortable with the addition of the Kloud Mattress, which can be used with all of our bed frames. It features a base of reflex foam topped with a layer of high-density memory foam for excellent comfort, so you’ll never need to worry about the comfort levels of your smart bed.

Smart Side Tables: What You Need To Know

Koble smart side table

Smart side tables are an extremely versatile investment, as they can be used as a smart end table in your living room, a smart sideboard, or even a smart nightstand – if you’re on the journey to creating a fully smart home, you may even want to invest in all three.

Our smart side tables are designed to make life a little bit easier, as in-built wireless charging technology means there’s no need to find a separate phone charger and put up with trailing wires when you’re relaxing at home. Many models also feature hidden Bluetooth speakers, which means you don’t need to invest in separate speakers. Whatever your preference and aesthetic, there’s an option for you. We particularly love:

  • The Zain Smart Side Table with hidden Bluetooth speakers, USB port, AUX port, and a stylish walnut finish

Our collection also includes portable smart side tables, which can easily be moved from room to room, meaning you can enjoy those smart features wherever you are – a brilliant investment for your smart home.

Why You Should Upgrade To A Smart Desk

smart desk

If you’re wondering if a smart desk is worth it, it is is the perfect addition to any home office, especially if you’ve made the move to working from home or hybrid working over the last few years. In fact, summer 2020 saw 50 of the UK’s biggest employers stating they had no plans to move workers back to the office full-time, leaving more people in need of home office furniture.

The benefits of using a smart desk can include:

  • Helps to maximise space in a small home office space – a model like the Silas 2.0 Smart Desk features wireless charging technology and USB ports, removing the need for trailing wires, a handy storage drawer, and built-in Bluetooth speakers, meaning you don’t need to house extra speakers on your desk. This smart desk also features a wipe-clean glass top that you can use to write on, meaning you don’t need to pin an unsightly whiteboard to your wall
  • Improves your productivity – thanks to wireless charging technology and handy USB ports, there’s no need to get up and stop your flow every time you need to charge your device, which could help to boost your productivity
  • Increases your activity levels – by opting for a height adjustable smart desk, you’ll be able to seamlessly move between sitting and standing while you work from home, which will naturally increase your activity levels throughout the day. The Juno Desk can move between four different positions and features an integrated wireless charging plate, as well as built-in USB ports

More Smart Furniture To Transform Your Home

Investing in smart furniture throughout your home can transform your everyday routine – you’ll soon wonder how you ever managed without it. From removing clutter and trailing wires to create a neater aesthetic and upgrading your home for the future, there are so many reasons why investing in smart furniture is worth it.

At Koble Designs, you’ll also find smart TV stands to provide extra storage and add wireless charging technology to your living room, as well as a fantastic range of smart lighting, from desk lamps to table lamps. You can even enjoy mood lighting thanks to our smart LED Bluetooth lantern speakers, which allow you to play a playlist or audiobook via your phone, wherever you are in your home.

Start your journey to a smarter home and shop our full range of smart furniture. If you have a question about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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