Smart Furniture: Embracing the Future of Home Living

In a world where technology is constantly advancing, our ability to create innovative and efficient living spaces has grown exponentially.

Smart furniture has emerged as a revolutionary trend, encompassing everything from smart desks to smart beds, and it’s rapidly gaining popularity as more people seek to upgrade their homes for the future.

While the prospect of replacing and upgrading furniture may come with a cost, the benefits of smart products are plentiful and transformative, promising to elevate your home and revolutionise your everyday routine.

In this blog, we’ll delve deeper into the reasons why smart furniture is the future and how it can enhance your home and life.


Why Smart Furniture Is the Way Forward

Smart furniture is not just a passing fad; it represents the future of home living. By integrating technology seamlessly into furniture design, smart furniture offers practicality, convenience, and an enhanced living experience.

Imagine waking up in a bedroom that not only provides comfort but also keeps you connected through hidden speakers and wireless charging capabilities. Smart furniture goes beyond traditional functionality and incorporates cutting-edge features that optimise your daily routines.

The blend of technology and furniture design caters to the demands of modern life. Clutter from charging cables can be a thing of the past, as smart furniture often includes built-in wireless charging technology. It enhances the aesthetics and efficiency of your living spaces while offering a seamless experience for your daily tasks.

Smart furniture is more than just furniture; it’s an investment in the future of your home.



Freya Smart Bed

Transform Your Bedtime Routine with a Smart Bed

At first, the concept of a smart bed may raise questions about comfort and aesthetics, but fear not; modern smart beds combine functionality with style.

The Freya Smart Velvet Ottoman Storage Bed from Koble Designs is a prime example. This stylish bed not only offers ample storage but also conceals hidden speakers and wireless and USB charging capabilities.

The luxurious velvet fabric and curved headboard create a dreamy sanctuary, allowing you to wake up to your favourite radio station, unwind with a relaxing playlist, or indulge in an audiobook before bedtime, all without the need for tangled wires or clutter.

A smart bed offers various benefits, including decluttering your bedroom by eliminating the need for charging cables and creating a more serene environment for better sleep quality.


The Freya Ottoman Smart Bed takes multifunctional furniture to a new level, offering an experience that blurs the line between comfort and technology.



Versatile Smart Side Tables for Added Convenience

Smart side tables are incredibly versatile investments that can serve as end tables in your living room, sideboards, or even nightstands.

Designed to make life easier, these tables come with built-in wireless charging technology and hidden Bluetooth speakers.

Say goodbye to searching for separate chargers or investing in additional speakers. Smart side tables offer the added benefit of mobility, allowing you to enjoy smart features in any room of your home.

The convenience of wireless charging is a game-changer, especially in our fast-paced lives. As you unwind in the living room, you can effortlessly charge your Qi-enabled device on the smart side table without any hassle.

The future of furniture is not only about functionality but also about enhancing the overall ambience of your living spaces.



The Perks of Upgrading to a Smart Desk

As remote work and hybrid work become more prevalent, a smart desk is no longer a luxury but a necessity for your home office.

Take the Silas 3.0 Smart Desk, for example. With wireless charging technology, a USB port and USB-C port, and built-in Bluetooth speakers, it maximises space with a handy storage drawer, eliminating clutter and the need for extra speakers on your desk.

A wipe-clean glass top serves as a writing surface, doing away with the need for an unsightly whiteboard. A smart desk not only enhances productivity by reducing interruptions for charging devices but also promotes an active work routine.

Opting for a height-adjustable model like Lana enables seamless transitions between sitting and standing, encouraging increased activity throughout the day. Integrated wireless charging capabilities, Bluetooth speakers and USB ports make the Lana Desk a practical and ergonomic addition to your home office, enhancing your overall work experience.



Relieve Eyestrain and Customise Lighting

Our smart desk lamps offer a host of enhanced features to cater to your needs. With natural daylight illumination and a colour rendering index of 97, our lamps ensure accurate and vibrant colours.

Some of our selected products also include stage dimming, making them perfect bedside reading lights for winding down before bedtime.

The beauty of smart lighting lies not just in its efficiency but also in its ability to enhance your daily life, creating a comfortable and personalised environment that meets your every need.



Koble - Mantle Smart Speaker Lantern

Expanding Your Smart Furniture Collection

At Koble Designs, a wide range of smart furniture awaits, from smart TV stands that add storage and wireless charging capabilities to your living room to a diverse array of smart lighting options, including desk lamps and table lamps.

Mood lighting takes a leap into the future with Smart LED Bluetooth lantern speakers, allowing you to play music or audiobooks from your phone anywhere in your home.






Smart furniture represents the future of home living – a future where technology and design work together harmoniously to optimise our daily routines and elevate our lifestyles.

As we embrace the smart revolution, we open ourselves to a world of endless possibilities. Whether you seek convenience in your daily tasks or a seamless home office experience, smart furniture offers the solutions you need.

Welcome the future of home living with open arms, and explore the innovative world of smart furniture today. Embrace the power of innovation and upgrade your home for the future!


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