Smart Table Lamps

Keep your home illuminated with smart table lamps from Koble Designs, where the collection also includes air-purifying lamps and wireless charging plates that light up. You can settle down with a good book, switch on your smart reading lamp, and charge your phone without having to move from your spot, thanks to innovative wireless charging technology.

  • Pixi Wireless Charging Lamp

    £60.00 £30.00
  • Arc Wireless Charging Desk Lamp – White

  • Arc Wireless Charging Desk Lamp – Black

  • Elliptical

    Elliptical Wireless Charging Lamp

  • Polestar Wireless Charging Lamp

  • Q-Air Air Sanitiser Smart Lamp

  • Saturn Wireless Charging Plate

    Out of stock
  • Puls Desk Lamp With Speaker

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Find a smart table lamp that fits with your interior aesthetic, with black, white, and grey designs available depending on the colour scheme of the rest of your home. We’ve got retro designs, like the Pixi Wireless Charging Lamp, as well as futuristic models like the Saturn Wireless Charging Plate, which is a smart desk light that doubles up as a wireless phone charger.

Our smart lamps typically feature touch-sensitive control panels and wireless charging technology, allowing you to keep your phone charged while the light is on. Many of our lamps can be set to natural, warm, and white light modes, depending on your preference, meaning you can create a different atmosphere at different times of day. Some models also feature a timer mode that will automatically switch your lamp off after 40 minutes, helping to keep it as energy efficient as possible.

We’ve even got a smart lamp that can help to keep the air in your home clean too: the Q-Air Air Sanitiser Smart Lamp, which filters and destroys 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in the air around you. It’s an air purifier and smart lamp all in one, trapping and removing airborne allergens, while illuminating the space around it.

All of our smart table lamps also come with a power cable that’s compatible with UK 3-pin plugs. Check out our full range of smart lighting solutions here.