LED Bluetooth Speakers

A Bluetooth lantern speaker makes a great smart addition to your home, acting as a smart lamp and Bluetooth speaker all in one. These lightweight, portable smart speakers allow you to take your favourite playlist out into the garden, listen to a podcast in the bath without the need for trailing wires, or enjoy a chapter of your audiobook wherever you are in your house.

  • Blok Bluetooth Speaker Lantern

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  • Mantle

    Mantle Bluetooth Speaker Lantern

  • Let’s Go Bluetooth Speaker Lantern

  • Ava Bluetooth Speaker Lantern

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  • Neptune Bluetooth Speaker Lantern

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Play audio from your Bluetooth-compatible phone or tablet and enjoy 360 degrees of exceptional sound with your LED lantern speaker, and set the mood with colour-changing mood lights. Our Let’s Go Bluetooth Speaker Lantern features mood-setting lighting, it’s splash-proof, and it has an 18-hour battery life, so it’s perfect for taking out into the garden on a hot summer’s day. Find the perfect table to keep it on in our range of garden furniture.

The Blok Bluetooth Speaker Lantern is another water-resistant model, with a minimal Scandi-inspired design, harmonious LED panel, and two speakers with extreme depth in bass, making it a great gadget to invest in if you love to entertain. What’s more, the Mantle Bluetooth Speaker Lantern doubles up as a power bank, so you can keep your phone charged up while you’re on the go, while enjoying audio from your speaker and a handy LED smart light.

An LED Bluetooth speaker is the perfect addition to your bedroom, setting the mood during your bedtime routine with its night mode lights, while you listen to a relaxing playlist. Alternatively, keep it on your desk while you work from home, and enjoy your favourite motivational music and an extra handy desk light.

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