Shop smart lighting solutions at Koble Designs, including smart table lamps, desk lamps, and even Bluetooth lantern speakers. Charge your phone on the base of the lamp thanks to wireless charging technology, and match your favourite music with mood lighting with one of our innovative lantern speakers. All of our smart lamps are designed to be used with Qi-compatible smartphones.

  • Pixi Wireless Charging Lamp

    £42.00 £37.80
  • Arc Wireless Charging Desk Lamp – White

    £57.00 £51.30
  • Arc Wireless Charging Desk Lamp – Black

    £57.00 £51.30
  • Elliptical Wireless Charging Lamp

    £48.00 £43.20
  • Blok Bluetooth Speaker Lantern

    £39.00 £35.10
  • Mantle Bluetooth Speaker Lantern

    £44.00 £39.60