How Wireless Charging Lamps Create An Energy Efficient Workspace

Want an energy efficient and convenient way to charge your phone while you work at your desk?

The KOBLE Arc smart wireless charging lamp available in matte black effect or white is the perfect solution for energy efficient charging.

Create a more energy efficient and productive workspace this winter with a Wireless Charging LED Desk Lamp from KOBLE. The range includes wireless charging lamps in a variety of styles & prices, all are equipped with a Qi charging pad to wirelessly charge Qi-enabled devices including the iPhone 8 and above ( Phones that include Magsafe technology could experience charging outages ). Please check your phones compatibility before purchasing.

Koble smart lamp

Each lamp also provides multiple ways to save energy helping to battle those ever-growing energy bills. Only 12watts of energy are used to power the desk lamps which are powerful enough to comfortably illuminate a standard work from home desk (1400 x 600 ). You can also use the energy saving timer function which will turn the lamp light off after 40 mins, which is perfect if you’re guilty of leaving the room without switching off the lights.

KOBLE smart desk lamps are also proven to help reduce eyestrain by using non reflective casing around all our LEDs. They also provide the ability to switch between colour temperatures, reducing your exposure to white light. So as the early evenings roll in you can switch your desk lamp to a warmer setting in line with your monitor or laptop screen settings. All desk lamps have a natural daylight illumination with a colour rendering index of 97. Selected products also include stage dimming and can be used as an ideal bedside reading light as well.

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