What Is Smart Furniture Design

What Is Smart Furniture Design?

You ask what is smart furniture design and how can it improve my life? Smart furniture is a revolutionary concept that transcends the conventional uses of furniture by incorporating cutting-edge technology. This innovative furniture is designed to enhance the functionality and convenience of our living spaces, making our lives easier and more comfortable. Smart furniture is equipped with advanced features such as charging connectivity, speakers and lighting which enable it to perform a wide range of tasks beyond its traditional functions. This futuristic furniture is the perfect blend of style and functionality, making it an ideal choice for modern homes. In particular, smart devices have proven to be particularly useful for smaller homes, where space is at a premium. With smart furniture, you can maximize your living space without sacrificing comfort or style.

Smart By Technology

At KOBLE our team are always striving to develop products with functionality in mind. When developing new ideas we are always looking to ensure that the product is ‘smart’ by the design features that it incorporates, or ‘smart’ by the tech components that are integrated, or a combination of the two! We all use a growing number of smart products every day that require regular charging, such as phones, fitness watches, tablets & laptops. We also acknowledge the compact living that we see more of now in our lives. This has become even more prevalent since the pandemic, as many professionals are now working from home. Koble products help to eliminate the stress and mess of charging cables for smart devices, or can provide space saving solutions for everyday essentials.

How Can Smart Furniture Help You?

Do you like to listen to a podcast whilst working? A Bluetooth speaker in a desk can work perfectly for you, like the Lana height adjustable desk. Even more so, the electric adjustable feature means you can even reduce the risk of obesity whilst working, thats very smart! Want to continue the music whilst in bed? The Freya ottoman bed is the perfect storage solution bed with hidden speakers and wireless and USB charging. The velvet fabric and curved headboard would make any bedroom feel luxurious.

Are you constantly searching for the charger for your phone, or don’t have enough to go around? Our best-selling Arc wireless charging lamp helps keep you lit up and wire free! Arc features a super modern matte white finish.

So, whether you’re looking to upgrade your home or simply want to stay ahead of the curve, smart furniture is the way to go. Experience the future of home design today!

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