Smarter furniture with KOBLE

Spending more time in our homes is persuading many of us to consider the practicality of the products that we purchase. Therefore, the importance of functional furniture could not be more prevalent than now. Smart furniture is something to consider on how to make the most out of the space within your home.

The practicality of smart furniture means that you can eliminate the hazard of messy cables in your living spaces. You can finally get rid of that unsightly extension lead through the experience of wireless charging and prevent your battery life from being a constant disappointment. With homes becoming more expensive, it’s also important to ensure that your living space is utilised effectively with functional furniture that has multiple purposes – not just for your endless coffee mugs. Consider the opportunities of a coffee table that can charge your phone, play music and offers a stylish aesthetic. Ease, comfort and practicality, what’s not to like?

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