Bringing the family together with KOBLE

As we begin to approach the warmer weather, it’s time to consider the best way to bring all the family together. Some of us may feel disconnected from our loved ones due to the onset of social media but the emergence of new technology doesn’t always have to create a sense of distance. You can brighten the moment and persuade younger members to join in with Mooni and KOBLE speaker lanterns. Rather than ransacking their bedrooms to find the right cable, offer them wireless charging and the opportunity to set the mood with various light settings. Perhaps a sunset orange on a warm Spring evening or vivid pink for the little ones to enjoy. Choosing a playlist is also a great way to create a shared experience as each individual can make requests to personalise the evening. Speaker lanterns offer endless possibilities to bring the family together.

However, if family time isn’t your priority, a moment of peace in our busy world is one of many possibilities. Pour a cuppa, charge your phone without the fussy cables and open that book you’ve been meaning to start for weeks. Set the mood with a soothing blue and allow yourself to indulge in your own personal moment. Taking time for self-care is an important ritual in today’s society and can be further enhanced by the comfort of light, sound and music.

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