4 Ways Koble Smart Furniture Can Bring Your Whole Family Together

Bring the family together with a smarter home. Modern families may physically spend time together, especially if some of you work from home, but how much of that is actually quality time, in the age of constant screen time?

Sometimes, you need to shake up the routine and your surroundings a little bit to give everyone a reason to come together and enjoy each other’s company, which is why investing in some new smart furniture could be just what you need to bring the family together.

1. Keep Your Living Room Connected

Make your main living area somewhere that the whole family wants to spend time together in the evenings by kitting it out with smart furniture featuring wireless charging technology. This in-built tech means everyone can keep their smartphones charged without having to leave the room to find their charger, so your family time remains uninterrupted.

Having easy access to wireless charging technology means you can all stay connected physically, while still being able to reply to important messages if needed, meaning you should be able to enjoy more quality time together.

Our collection of innovative smart home furniture includes everything from smart side tables to smart TV stands and smart sideboards, so there are plenty of ways to kit out your home with wireless charging technology.

smart side table

For example, the Zain Smart Side Table has wireless charging capabilities, as well as hidden Bluetooth speakers and subwoofer, covered with a linen-like fabric. This smart side table is the perfect choice if you want to put some music on in the evenings as you catch up with each other, while charging your phone at the same time.

Meanwhile, the Mia Smart TV Unit and Mia Smart Sideboard are both stylish pieces of living room furniture, with in-built wireless charging technology. Simply place your compatible smartphone on the furniture’s surface and it’ll charge while you watch TV or play a game together, so you can create precious memories.

2. Set The Soundtrack With A Bluetooth Lantern Speaker

Create your own soundtrack to family life and invest in a smart Bluetooth lantern speaker for kids and adults alike to enjoy.

Make a family playlist that everyone can add their own songs to and play it during family meals or while you’re relaxing together – it’ll soon become the soundtrack to your lives. Alternatively, take it in turns to pick an album to play through your speakers to introduce each other to new music to bring the family together.

Our Blok Bluetooth Speaker Lantern is water-resistant, which makes it ideal to take outside for relaxing evenings in the garden. Its minimalist Scandi-inspired design means it will blend perfectly into the background when it’s not on.

Take your portable smart speaker from room to room, so you can listen to a playlist, podcast, or audiobook during a lazy lie-in, then take it into the kitchen for breakfast together as a family, without interrupting your listening.

3. Hang Out Together In Your New Smart Bed

smart bed

If you have small children who like to invade your bed on weekend mornings, a smart bed is a great investment. It means you can all hang out together while you snooze, listen to music, and check your phones, without having to leave the bed to find speakers or a charger.

The Freya Smart Velvet Ottoman Storage Bed features built-in speakers and subwoofer in the headboard, so you can listen to a playlist together on lazy Sunday mornings. It also has wireless charging technology and USB ports in the side rails, which mean little ones can watch their tablets while you charge your phone.

Invest in the Kloud Mattress to bring extra comfort to your smart bed; it has a reflex foam base and a memory foam topper, allowing your body to sink into the mattress to help relieve pressure after a long day.

4. Invest In A Versatile Smart Desk

Investing in a smart desk can have benefits for all the family. It can be used as a working from home desk during the day, and a homework desk for kids or teens in the evenings.

smart desk

Wireless charging technology means everyone can keep their respective devices charged, and the in-built Bluetooth speakers mean everyone can listen to their preferred playlist. The Silas 2.0 Smart Desk has both of these features, as well as a wipe-clean glass surface for each user to jot down their notes on before wiping it clean ready for the next user.

A height adjustable smart desk is the perfect furniture for working from home to improve your health and productivity. You can find many benefits here to working with a standing desk. This includes lowering risk of obesity and heart disease, plus improving mood and memory function! Find our height adjustable smart desks here.

Why Choose Smart Furniture From Koble?

Koble is the home of smart furniture and lighting. All of our products are designed in-house, and we’re passionate about creating furniture that’s functional yet stylish. Everything should be easy to assemble yourself or with just one helper, so you can start enjoying your new pieces as soon as possible.

Whatever you order, it will be with you in up to 14 days via one of our trusted third-party couriers; if you order a home office chair, smart side table, smart light, or Bluetooth lantern speaker, this will be with you in up to 5 days from the date of your order.

Browse our full collection or contact us here if you have a question about any of our products.

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