Is Smart Furniture Worth It?

Koble - Smart Furniture

Smart Furniture, what’s the need? It certainly looks appealing, classy and up to date with our forever changing world. This modernised twist on something as simple as a bed is more than futuristic. Upon viewing you imagine how it would fit into your own room, because I sure did, the simplicity of a bed or bed-side table with speakers, wireless charging, USB plug in ports all seems out of reach. All the smart furniture not only is smart from the technology installed but also in its amazingly affordable price. But do you still get the same amount of comfort?

The smart bed is the definition of beautiful. The beautifully upholstered headboard and side rails on the bed not only look a treat, but define cosy when sat up against it. Honestly we all deserve that kind of luxury, and is the perfect kind of comfort you deserve to come home to after a long hard day. Do you know how quick and easy upholstered furniture is to clean? A quick vacuum all over the fabric and hit up with gorgeous smelling fabric spray and you good to go. The multipurpose design frees up your space because nothing makes a space feel smaller than clutter everywhere. So really do you think you could you find anything more captivating? Because honestly I’m in love with this look that’s so elegant. Sign me up.

A bodie desk, what makes it so alluring? The picture alone stands for itself, though as charming as it is, wouldn’t we all like to know what this desk entails. Listed below is what you can expect to find;

  • Wireless charging surface
  • 2 x Premium Bluetooth speaker
  • Touch sensitive buttons to control music
  • 2 x USB charging point
  • Aux input
  • Solid wood legs
  • Crystal white surface
  • Felt lined drawer
  • UK compatible 3-pin plug

This screams bargain, with what the desk offers you’re making money. From the high-quality materials used and speakers that are in place, you’d pay triple the amount of the desk for all of the products wrapped in this divine show stopper fit for any room. The desk cuts out all the messy tangled wires. Includes high tech speakers so you stop using the one that crackles that you picked up for a fiver. The eye-catching design is a steal.

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