Is Smart Furniture the Future or Just a Fad?

Lana - Smart Desk

We put this question to Koble Design’s commercial Director Nathan Morgan and wanted to share his response.

“There is always a fear with every new concept to whether it is worth investing in or if it is just a fad, especially when technology is involved. There are multiple examples of companies that have faced this scrutiny when launching, Netflix, Spotify, Apple and Whatsapp to name a few. At KOBLE our team has decades of experience in manufacturing quality furniture and lighting. With our ability to now include wireless charging capability and sound to our designs that are discreet and do not compromise the visual appeal to the product, we are In a strong position to make a real difference to how people look at furniture. Functionality and design are at the heart of every product we launch under our growing brand. We are striving to make life easier for our customers.

Wireless charging is no longer a thing of the future, all smartphones are now being manufactured with the functionality. Apple has even announced that their phones from 2020 will be without a charging port.

In summary, Smart furniture will only be a fad if technology stops developing………

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